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Frogs and Toads
Save our Frogs and Toads!
October 2008

Toads are amazing!
To celebrate International Year of the Frog 2008, we had 4 M.A.D. lessons in October 2008 to celebrate frogs and toads in Singapore.

Led by Andrew Tay, a total of 80 kids learned about our native frogs and toads and pledged ways to conserve them.

The kids learned about the 25 species of frogs and toads in Singapore from slides and from observing a live toad and frog brought into the class for this lesson. The toad was released after the lesson and the frog, being Uncle Andrew’s pet frog, went home with him.
Figuring out who would be eating who in the food chain was fun!

Uncle Andrew gave everyone notes on how to set up a tadpole terrarium so as to watch tadpoles develop into frogs or toads. He reminded all the children to release the grown frog or toad into their garden at home or at school near the schools’ eco-pond where the frog or toad will be able to find a suitable home.

To end off our lesson on the topic of conservation, students of Raffles Institution performed a puppet show for us.
Students from Raffles Institution did a puppet show to encourage conservation of native frog habitats
Kids checking out the props!

Here are some pledges from Theodore and Timotheus who promised to practise eco-ways of living so that our frogs and toads will be ensured of suitable wild habitats to live in.

Photo Credits: Vilma D'Rozario

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