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Carnivorous Plants
In January 2009, kids learnt from Uncle Joe how plants can make leaves so special that they can even digest insects. Uncle Joe began the lesson by showing the kids all kinds of leaves, and discussed leaf shape, texture, colour, smell and function. When it came to looking at carnivorous plants, the children could hardly contain their excitement when they got the chance to look close at the leaves of the Venus Fly-trap and Sundew and peer into the cups of a pitcher plant. By the end of the lesson, everyone agreed that leaves were indeed special. And, you can tell from their leaf cards!
We are proud of our leaf cards
Lovely leaf cards!
I love leaves because they are in different colours and shapes
I like bat-shaped leaves!
Up close with a Venus Fly-trap and a pot of sundews
Uncle Joe shows the class a pitcher plant
Taking a closer look at the pitcher plant will it gobble us up too?
Uncle Joe and Auntie Angie with the kids

Photo Credits: Vilma D'Rozario

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