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Butterflies and Moths
We had five lessons on butterflies and moths since August 2008. In these hands-on lessons on butterflies and moths, kids learnt about the diversity of butterflies and moths we have in Singapore, the differences between butterflies and moths, their ecology -- life cycle, where they live, what they eat, and what may eat them. Kids watched a powerpoint slide-show on butterflies and moths and got a chance to go outdoors into the garden to look for butterflies. Caterpillars of the Plain Tiger and Lime butterflies were also brought into class as were old cocoons of Atlas Moths and other moths. Preserved specimens of butterflies and moths which were found dead over the years were also shown to the kids. Uncle Andrew also showed the kids how to rear caterpillars in a terrarium in order to watch them metamorphose into butterflies. Ways to attract butterflies and moths to gardens at home, in school and the neighbourhood were also discussed. The lesson ended with the kids making a pledge to protect butterflies and moths and their habitats.
Uncle Andrew guides the kids in playing the butterfly memory card game at the start of class
Our moths can fly!
Colouring an Atlas Moth helps kids learn more about these beautiful insects
Colouring Atlas Moths
We’re proud of our colourful Atlas Moth wall-hangings
Uncle Andrew teaches about butterfly and moth life-cycles
Getting our sequined origami moths ready
Raul shows off his sequined origami moth which he made in class
Everyone showing off their sequined origami moths!
Auntie Teresa points out some caterpillars on the lime bush in the garden
Photo Credits: Celine Low, Colleen Goh, Vilma D'Rozario

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